April Peacock and Lime selections

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One of my favorite parts of the month is receiving a package from Peacock & Lime, I get excited to see that green envelope in the mail box!   This month is no different, as I am constantly blown away by the uniqueness and quality of the jewelry.

If you can’t tell, I love packaging, having always been interested in marketing it does make the experience more special for me.  Everything from Peacock and Lime comes packaged perfect for gifting and it feels a bit like my Birthday each time I open things up!

This bracelet brings back cherished teen memories for me, I have always been a literary fan, and I read Lord of the Rings long before the movies came out.  “Not idly do the leaves of Lorien fall” is hand stamped on copper with this Leather Wrap Bracelet.  I love the thickness and heft of this bracelet (16′ inches in length with the clasp), it makes a great statement piece and is perfect for layering!   The thick leather band adds an elegant edginess which I really appreciate as well.

I also chose this Keep Moving Forward leather bracelet because I thought it would pair beautifully with the Lord of the Rings inspired wrap bracelet, and I seem to have a certain affection for arrows.   I also wear this one on its own or with my watch, as a motivational reminder to always keep moving forward.    This bracelet comes in three different color choices, with each being slightly different in size ranging from 7-8.25″ long.  This item can also be customized upon request, so if you’d like it as an anklet or in a smaller or larger wrist size you certainly can!   I have fairly large wrists and this was comfortably snug in the largest size but, as is the nature of leather, I expect it will relax a bit with wear.

These two bracelets are prefect together, probably my favorite way to wear them!

This hand stamped pewter Wild Air Necklace is everything I love in jewelry; large enough to be a statement, delicate enough to be feminine and just slightly quirky with the asymmetrical beads above the Wild Air pendant.  This is also available with the words “get lost” stamped above the same set of trees.   The necklace is approximately 20″ long and has a lobster clasp closure, I love the chain as well.


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