March Peacock and Lime selections

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Another month and another look at some lovely handcrafted pieces from Peacock & Lime!    One of the things that makes me so excited about this is honestly the packaging.   I know it seems like a little thing, but who doesn’t love when something they order comes wrapped like a gift?   So, a few photos just to enjoy the beautiful packaging and marketing materials.

First I’d like to start with this Star wish bracelet in turquoise.   This bracelet is waxed cotton with a sterling silver star shaped charm, I love that this is adjustable due to the sliding knots and you can get exactly the fit you want.  I also like that the wish bracelet comes with its own folklore, according to the Etsy listing “Wish bracelets are fabled to bring good luck to those who wear them. Legend has it that when the bracelet naturally wears out and is ready to fall off, your wish is ready to come true.”  I like this bracelet all on its own, or paired with the Boho wrap bracelet I posted about last month, super cute and makes a great gift!

One of the things I love about Peacock & Lime jewelry is the unique and quirky nature of some of the pieces.   I chose this Paper Airplane necklace because I loved the whimsical nature of it, it reminds me to rise above the everyday annoyances and not lose my sense of adventure.   This necklace is 30″ long with a 3/4″ charm and made of antiqued brass, so it slips over the head and is great for layering or wearing on its own.

Finally, I chose a pair of earrings, since I hadn’t tried a pair of earrings from Peacock & Lime yet.   These Triangle earrings feature a natural brass ear wire and Czech glass triangle beads.   These earrings are 1 3/4″ long and are available in a variety of colors.  I like that they are long enough to make a statement, but are not overpowering  in size, making them a great accent to any outfit.


Here are all three items styled, every one is a unique addition to my jewelry collection.

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